Andre's Stressful Halloween


The weather forecast for tonight said it was going to be a perfect night for trick-or-treating, with clear skies and temperatures in the mid-60s. Andre woke up thinking about the leaves changing color, which put him in a good mood. He always loves this time of the year.


Today is Halloween, and Andre turned 12-years-old today. He was not looking forward to what laid ahead. He was diagnosed with type I diabetes over three years ago, and he's no longer as excited about Halloween.


Before leaving for school, he asked his mother, "Can I please stay home today, Pleeease!" His mother replied, "No, now hurry up; you're going to miss the bus! I am already late, and I don't want to have to drive you to school." Andre looks down at the floor as he started to head towards the door, hoping his mother would call out, wait, you can stay home. But alas, he got to the door, and there was no "wait or esperate," as his mother says now and then — just silence.


Andre made the bus and arrived at school on-time. He was standing by his locker, waiting for the first period to start when...continued on page 2


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