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Eliot Lebow LCSW, CDCES

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I have lived with diabetes for over 40 years and my private practice helps clients of all ages and their families manage all aspects of life with diabetes and the many diverse cognitive, behavioral, and emotional issues that come with both Type I and Type II diabetes.

Diabetes-Focused Psychotherapy takes a holistic approach combining traditional talk therapy with diabetes education and management help. It addresses both the physical and emotional aspects of living life with diabetes while still addressing other non-diabetes related life problems.

For many people with diabetes, blood sugar levels take a silent toll on all areas of life. Over time it can cause trauma, frustration, anger, and sadness which leads to emotional issues such as depression.  For the people close to them, it has an impact as well: they often must learn to cope with feelings of guilt and constant worry around this complex health issues.

Sessions available, click here for a                       Eliot LeBow LCSW, CDE
Free 15-Minute Phone Consult.

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Eliot Lebow LCSW, CDCES



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