Proper Nutrition

Carbohydrate counting to manage blood sugar levels, Read food labels, measure servings

Develop a practical meal plan & Stabilize blood sugar levels


Physical Activity

Create a fitness plan, Improve Mood & self-esteem, Reduce long-term complications

Stabilizes blood levels improving A1C & eAG readings


Monitoring of high-risk factors

Encourage quarterly A1C, eAG testing & Yearly testing for diabetic complications (cardiovascular, kidney, foot, eye and neurological)


Medication management

Understand reasons for taking the medications as prescribed, Explore issues that may arise before, during or after medication changes & Educate on the possible side effects of medications


Problem Solving around diabetes control

Discuss triggers for high and low blood sugars, Learn how to prevent or avoid triggers that destabilize blood sugar control, Manage high and low blood sugars when they occur & Build a sick day plan


Reducing risk

Discuss risk factors and ways to reduce risk of diabetes-related illnesses


Proper coping

Uncover maladaptive coping skills & Learn and use positive coping skills




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